Since 2010

We have fed millions of athletes crossing the finish lines of countless 5K's, fun-runs, 10K's, marathons, triathlons and ultra endurance events around the world.




We're flexible, fast, fun, easy and affordable. If you can think of it, we've done it. We love working with race companies, race directors, race organizers, timing companies, bib providers, baseball stadiums, expos, hotels, golf courses and oodles more.    

  • As an awesomely easy POST RACE MEAL solution.
  • As a value add for participants and volunteers.
  • As an additional revenue stream for your event.
  • As a wonderful sponsorship opportunity.
  • We can feed spectators too? Wait what? Yep.




Long before we started FitFul we were endurance athletes. We competed at every level of the "game", from local 5Ks to Ultra Marathons. We lived the athletic lifestyle with all the joys and sacrifices it entails: 5am wakeups, wonderful long runs and lotsa fun. Running was our reward.

What was missing, though, was a good POST RACE MEAL. Now we're not being difficult, but a slice of pizza or a bagel with cream cheese isn't exactly our idea of optimal post race meal. And those were the good experiences. We also found out there are many more people like us who are extremely interested in what goes into their body both pre and post workout. Some of us are vegans, vegetarians and some require gluten-free diets. None of our needs were met by the traditional post race buffets.

This is why we decided to launch FitFul. We wanted to provide athletes like us with nutritionally-sound, balanced meals in a convenient format. We wanted to ease the dietary concerns, reduce waste, improve the hygiene and food handling practices, and create an easy solution for RACE DIRECTORS. And we wanted to give back to the community by contributing both a portion of our profits to worthwhile causes and donating unused meals to food banks. A lofty goal indeed, but we strongly believe, just like our athletes, that nothing great comes easy.